Eureka Math: Fourth Grade

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Module 1

In fourth grade your child will be focusing on the following areas of math:



  • Number & Operations in Base Ten
    • Apply place-value concepts to show an understanding of multi-digit whole numbers.
    • Use place-value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic.

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

  • Numbers & Operations - Fractions
    • Extend understanding of fractions to show equivalence and ordering.
    • Build fractions from unit fractions by applying and extending previous understandings of operations on whole numbers.
    • Connect decimal notation to fractions, and compare decimal fractions (base 10 denominator, e.g., 19/100).
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
    • Represent and solve problems involving the four operations.
    • Develop and/or apply number theory concepts to find factors and multiples.
    • Generate and analyze using one rule.
  • Geometry
    • Draw lines and angles and identify these in two-dimensional figures.
    • Classify two-dimensional figures by properties of their lines and angles.
    • Recognize symmetric shapes and draw lines of symmetry.
  • Measurement and Data
    • Solve problems involving measurement and conversions from a larger unit to a smaller unit.
    • Translate information from one type of data display to another.
    • Represent and interpret data involving fractions using information provided in a line plot.
    • Measure angles and use properties of adjacent angles to solve problems.