Literary Magazine

Ad Prima is pleased to have its own online literary magazine, starting this academic year!  The Ad Prima Literary Magazine will showcase our students’ own literature.  As with all literary magazines, we use the term “literature” in a broad sense.  Our Ad Prima Literary Magazine may publish our students’ poems, short stories, essays, reports, and song lyrics, as well as book reports, book reviews, literary criticism (the art of evaluating and commenting on the qualities and character of literary works), biographies of authors, interviews, and letters.


     We encourage all students, from Kindergarten through eighth grade, to make submissions to the Ad Prima Literary Magazine by giving submissions to their teachers, who will then forward the submissions to the appropriate staff.  Step into the world of our students’ creativity and analysis; enjoy their literary works, as presented in our online literary magazine!





A Poem by Jayla Upshur


Why I Greatly Appreciate My Academic Home by Joshua B.


Spring by Tyler F.


Halloween Night by Ibrahim A.


Teacher Appreciation by Aanyae A.




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